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About Us

The Swiftbase History

We've been prominent in the IT industry for the last 18+ years, supplying high-end corporate hardware and bespoke, large-scale applications for multinationals from BP to The Bank of America. We've worked with all the major OEMs, and are currently the largest global provider of a range of products aimed at keeping legacy applications running on current hardware platforms, with customers including IBM, Ford and BAE all benefitting from our long-term support commitment of at least 15 years.

Swiftbase and The Climate Monitor

Five years ago we started supplying The Climate Monitor. We were impressed both with the ethos behind it and the quality of the technology, and began to design, develop and manufacture many aspects of it ourselves to make it the most robust and configurable device available. Because of this, we guarantee comprehensive and long-term support, and the most evolved, refined monitor on the market today. It's our baby, not some faceless US product dumped on an indifferent reseller market.

Now we ship more Climate Monitors than any other company - testament, we think, to our personal, involved approach. Choosing The Climate means you're assured high-quality, reputable technology, along with free telephone support, day or night, on any day of the year.